The Importance of Solicitors for the Elderly – an opinion from Hancocks

Toni Peppard is proud to be a member of Solicitors for the Elderly. As part of her commitment as a Solicitor for the Elderly, she takes exceptional care to explain legal language clearly. This is extremely important to our elderly clients and vulnerable clients, including those with conditions like dementia or Alzheimers.

Who are Solicitors for the Elderly?

This organisation is committed to helping older people get access to good legal advice.  They describe their members as:

professionally highly qualified and regulated and who also have additional skills to enable them to work with older and vulnerable clients.”

As you become older or start to feel more vulnerable, you often face challenging decisions. You may have family members who are keen to help you but you still need to feel in control. Toni understands this and clients often comment on how kind and considerate she is in her approach.

What does a Solicitor for the Elderly do?

When people talk to Toni, they ask about many different things. The common themes are that they want to keep control and they want to look after their loved ones. She will also help you to think about the legal aspects of important questions:

  1. Where will you live? The answer to this question will depend on your health and local support network, as well as your preference. Sometimes family members will suggest buying a house jointly so they can help care for you. Whatever you decide, Toni can support you as you think about your options and make sure that your future care needs are protected.
  2. What will happen if you can’t make decisions any more? This is probably the biggest worry for most of us. Although we can’t avoid ageing, Toni will guide you through the choices you make about your money and your care. She understands that it can be hard to choose the right person to trust with these decisions when you can’t make them yourself. It is essential that you are happy with your choice and she will support you as you prepare for your future. Find out more about Powers of Attorney.
  3. Does it matter if you don’t make a Will? We know it can be hard to think about this but we also know that it makes life easier for your loved ones if you make a Will. Toni will ask you about your wishes and help you put these in the right legal language. It is extremely important that you make a Will if you live with a family member or you have a new relationship later in life. A Will lets you share out your estate (which would consist of your personal possessions and any money that you leave behind when you die) in the way you want. Find out more about making a Will.
  4. If you are in a position that you are unhappy about, how do you change things? Sadly, it is very common for solicitors to talk to people who have ended up feeling trapped in a difficult situation. Often the person doesn’t realise that things are as bad as they are until a family member or carer spots something is wrong. Toni has considerable experience of helping vulnerable and elderly people take back control of their finances or care arrangements. She is passionate about making you feel safe and comfortable. She will offer support and suggestions for you to consider so that she can help you deal with them at your own pace.

Why Choose an Elderly Client Specialist Solicitor?

Toni’s experience as a Solicitor for the Elderly helps her to answer clients’ questions and to reassure them. You can contact her if you are concerned about your own affairs, or those of a family member or anyone you care about. She can meet you at any of our offices, Banbury, Bicester or Brailes, and she visits clients with mobility difficulties in home or hospital. Please email Toni or call 01295 253211 if you would like to make an appointment.