Probate – Deceased Person’s Estates

When someone you love dies, apart from the obvious grief and distress, there are many practical matters which need to be addressed and you need to check if probate is required. This is where a probate solicitor can offer not only solutions, but also support and good advice.

We will give you clear and straightforward advice, as well as a sympathetic and understanding approach.

Many questions arise at these difficult times. Clients ask “Who will pay for the funeral?” and “What about the house and personal belongings?”. These are questions that we can answer quickly and easily. We will also advise you on the next steps to take such as valuing the estate, ensuring any taxes and outstanding bills are paid, and ensuring any final wishes in the Will, if there is one, are addressed carefully.

All that remains then is a huge thank you, Michael. All this began exactly a year ago when Mum went in for her operation on March 23rd. You worked on her will (twice!) and gave her and us so much reassurance that we could focus on what really mattered at the time. My sister and I are both very grateful to you and I know Mum knew she was leaving us in safe hands.

If there is no Will or there is a dispute about the way the Will is written, we call this contested probate. In this situation you can rely on Siobhan and the team to provide expert advice.

Probate Fees and Options

Hancocks has considerable experience of probate. We can either provide the guidance you need or take on the task of dealing with the estate from start to finish. Our probate fees are laid out clearly so you can see how the costs break down.

We can help with incredibly complex situations, involving trusts and Inheritance Tax, or much simpler estates with small beneficial gifts.  If you are looking for someone who will listen to what you want, we’re here to help. We will advise you on the best route forward and tailor a service to fit your requirements.

If you would like to talk to us you can email us or call 01295 253211 and we’ll be pleased to help.