Commercial Property

We help our clients with all aspects of commercial property law. This covers buying and selling, and financing/re-financing, freehold and leasehold commercial property for owner-occupiers, landlord investors (i.e. subject to existing business leases or with a view to commercial lettings), property developers and their institutional or private lenders. It also covers granting business leases and damage-limitation (e.g. recovering possession of commercial property) when things go wrong.

When you choose a commercial solicitor to advise your company on its property requirements, you should look for someone who makes the time to understand your business. At Hancocks we listen to your specific needs. We also have the necessary experience to draft and negotiate robust contracts, leases and other deeds/documents. You will receive expert but straightforward advice. It is important to us that your business is in a strong position and it has the legal documentation to rely on if the worst happens.

You can trust our lawyers to help you with your company’s property needs, including commercial conveyancing and business leases.

Contact us to discuss your commercial property needs and we will explain how we can help you. Email one of our commercial property law team – Andrew or Siobhan or call them on 01295 253211.